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Vanilla + Amber Soy Coconut Candle

Vanilla + Amber Soy Coconut Candle

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Vanilla + Amber .. this one smells like home.

An all natural soy coconut wax candle. Curated with fragrance oils that are free of toxins, parabens, and phthalates. Our candles are made with lead-free cotton wicks to ensure a clean and slow burn.

Wax fill weight: 8 oz, 226 g

Weight: 1 lb


Up to 40 hour burn time


Top notes: Black currant, Saffron

Middle notes: Blackberry, Vanilla

Base notes: Musk, Anise, Amber 


Hand poured in New York. 

Made with you in mind. 

Care information

Candle Care
To fully enjoy your candle and ensure longevity, please allow your first burn to last 3-4 hours - this prevents tunneling.

Trim your wicks before each burn to ensure a clean, even burn.

Stop use when less than 1/2" of wax remains at the bottom of the jar.

For more candle care information, view our "candle care tips" page.

Reed Diffuser Care

Gently remove the stopper from the bottle

Carefully place the reed sticks inside of the bottle for 24 hours

Flip reed sticks every few weeks

Wash hands after flipping reed sticks

Room & Linen Spray Care

Spray directly into the air

We recommend spray testing a small piece of linen prior to direct use


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